Hey! Since you already know my name,
allow me to share some other cool things about myself.

I’m all about tinkering and creating unique solutions for both the digital and print world. I'm really interested in the relationship between digital and print combined. One of my favourite ways to design is by bringing something tactile and hand-made into a digital context, like using a watercolour sketch as a background or a title frame. Handcrafted designs give me more room to experiment, while digitizing it allows me to utilize fundamentals, like layout, colour, and texture, at a much faster pace.

In my personal practice, I love pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, which helps build on my foundational knowledge and expand on my creativity. That experience bleeds into my professional projects where typography, content, and clear messaging are my focus.

I've always been a designer at heart, and knew so at a young age. In my life, I've overcome many obstacles to achieve my dream, and I'm so glad to be working at something I love so much.

When I'm not creating in my office, I'm creating in the kitchen. I love food and nutrition, and experimenting with new recipes. I also enjoy playing boardgames with my friends, reading comics and spending time with my cat, Adam West.